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Classe de maternelle

Lily School Paris is a school resolutely opened to the world so that children can evolve from an early age in a space where language borders do not exist.


Where art and eco-citizenship coexist in order to provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to be the actors of the world of tomorrow. 

Notre histoire 

Once upon a time…

French people who left abroad,

foreigners  who come to France,

international exchanges and their wealths,

parents whose children were not French or Italian but French and Italian

children who from 2 years old would speak several languagues

Once upon a time a dream which became true

Lily School Paris is a school definittluy open towardsthe world

so that children can live since their youngest age in a place where the borders of the languague do not exist

Il était une fois un rêve devenu projet.

Lily School Paris est une école résolument ouverte sur le monde pour que les

enfants puissent évoluer dès leur plus jeune âge dans un espace où les frontières de

la langue n’existent pas !

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The method MONTESSORI​​

Lily School Paris, classified as a nonprofit organization, is a bilingual, eco-friendly and intergenerational preschool.

Our school is inspired by multiple forms of pedagogy;  inspired by the methods of Decroly, Freinet, Montessori. Its ambition is to make the children discover the world through the early teaching of foreign languages, art, the respect of others and self-respect, eco-friendliness, and intergenerational exchanges. 



The method DECROLY ​​

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The method


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