Sebastian Prayan Victor Georges

Lily School Paris is a bilingual preschool for children aged from 2 to 6 years old. It aims to introduce the world to children through the early teaching of foreign languages (English, Italian and Polish). It pays particular attention to arts education, respect for oneself and the others, as well as the awakening of the child in terms of eco-citizenship and intergenerational exchanges.

The school follows the programs of the French Education System in waking mathematics, graphics and reading. For the English language the reference is the Common Score Standard, and for Italian the Indicazione Nazionale per il Curricolo (2002).

The school organizes art workshops, music, theatre, improvisation, mime, in French and foreign languages. The child is familiar with the growing need to protect the environment through workshops and eco-responsible attitude of adults who welcome her/him at school.
Substantive work will also be implemented to maintain links between generations, offering regular and permanent meetings with elderly people in order to demonstrate the beneficial contributions for both the children and the elderly .

Our motto: « Let’s speak the world » confirms our open mind to others, to the world around us and we will work on it every day in a positive way and in all !!!!